Our Story

A Brief History

Lind's Plumbing & Heating has been a family owned and operated business since getting its start in 1984; evolving over the years from a small plumbing and heating company serving mostly residential projects, to a distinguished full-service plumbing and heating contractor in the Northern Colorado region. In 2006, Master Plumber Jeff Makepeace — employed by the company's founder, Robert Lind — purchased the company, and has worked tirelessly to develop long-term relationships with customers all along the Front Range. Through these efforts, Jeff has brought the company to new heights by transforming Lind's Plumbing into a commercial plumbing and heating success while continuing to strengthen our residential and service departments. Despite its growth, the company has managed to maintain the personable feel of a small family-owned business while working competently with large and small general contractors, including local small-business owners and homeowners.

The Values We Stand Behind

We pride ourselves on earning an outstanding reputation due to our professionalism, competitive pricing, high-quality of work, and our pursuit of being on the cutting edge of plumbing and heating technology. Our commitment and workmanship are unrivaled, earning us renowned customer satisfaction. We take pride in our workmanship, offering dependable service and honest business practices. We are licensed in many locales, and are fully insured.

Efficient Comfort Systems

With the cost of fuel prices rising, conservation and efficiency are becoming more important all the time. Lind's strives to be at the forefront with cost-effective solutions to achieve a balance of maximum efficiency and guaranteed comfort. This balance can only be actualized with superior people and products. Lind's wants you to know that you can enjoy the best comfort systems available at a competitive cost.

The comfort industry is very competitive with different styles of systems and it can become difficult to understand the differences among them. The two basic types of systems in residential applications are hydronic (water-based) systems or forced-air systems. The LEED Building Program recognizes that water has 4,000 times the capacity of air when transferring heat and gives gold credit to those using hydronic heating and cooling systems. The benefits of using water become apparent when comparing comfort and operating costs of air systems to water systems.

  • Using modulating boilers allows you to "turn down" the burner when the heat loss is minimal.
  • High-efficiency condensing boilers allow you to extract all of the heat from the flue gases before they are discharged which, in turn, lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • With radiant systems, we only heat the occupied space.
  • Because of lower operating temperatures, radiant heating can reduce operating costs between 20% and 40%.
  • The American Lung Association recommends radiant systems over forced air because of the lack of mold, allergen, and spores being circulated all the time.
  • We can still provide whole-home ventilation, filtration, and humidification, as well as zoned cooling without a central ducted system.
  • Supplementing heating with solar-thermal energy is tremendously efficient and green.
  • Often times, there is no need to sacrifice money and space to unneeded soffits.
  • Utilizing temperature controls systems will guarantee comfort and increase efficiency up to 20% more.

The fact is 87% of new homeowners are dissatisfied with their comfort situation within the first year and figure out how to "get used to it." Lind's Plumbing and Heating knows first-hand that this is not acceptable. When designed, installed, and controlled properly, radiant heating is the most comfortable and efficient means of space heating available. Lind's guarantee outstanding warranties on the equipment and workmanship, high efficiency while operating, and optimal comfort. Give Lind's an opportunity to serve your comfort needs.

The Brands we Trust

SuperStor Ultra Indirect Fired Water Heaters

With its capabilities to produce large amounts of hot water, the SuperStor Ultra can be applied to almost any scenario. Among many other great features, here are just a few outstanding attributes inherent in the Ultra's design:

  • Environmentally Safe
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Very Efficient
  • Packaged With a Lifetime Warranty Protection Plan

The Ultra boasts over two times the recovery rate of gas fired water heaters, and supplies as much as five times the amount of hot water as a comparably sized electric water heater. With today's increasing fuel costs, the Ultra will provide the homeowner fast payback over conventional methods of heating water.

Munchkin Boilers

The Munchkin boiler is one of the most compact and efficient heaters available on the market today, providing additional savings versus traditional single firing heaters. The Munchkin was rated with 95.1% efficiency by the AFUE, providing its capabilities for maximum payback on fuel savings. By cutting your fuel bill by as much as one half, savings can result in payback periods of less than 3 years. Each unit meets Energy Star standards, and as an added bonus for thinking green, the purchaser is entitled to a $150 credit under the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005.

tekmar Control Systems

tekmar Outdoor Reset Controls include energy saving features that provide a return on investment with lower heating bills, while reducing impact on the environment. Without a tekmar Outdoor Reset Control, your heating system does not know if it is a cool autumn night or the coldest winter day. Therefore it works as if it's always the coldest day of the year and heats the water to a maximum temperature. By adding a tekmar Reset Control that works alongside your boiler and thermostat, you may see energy savings of up to 30%. Typical payback is under 3 years.

Grundfos Systems

The ultimate in convenience with Grundfos' Hot Water Recirculation Systems is having hot water instantly available at sinks, appliances, and bathroom faucets. By constantly circulating hot water through the pipes from the heater to the furthest fixture, the water in the pipes is always hot, and not water is wasted during the wait. This innovative technology benefits the homeowner not only due to its convenience, but Grundfos Systems have also been proven to improve the operating efficiency and effectiveness of household appliances including washing machines and dishwashers.

A typical home in the U.S. will waste 12,000 to 38,000 gallons of water annually waiting for hot water. This problem is so detrimental to our water supply that some fast-growing countries are making the installation of HWR systems mandatory for all new construction projects.