Continued growth in Industrial application projects has given Lind's Plumbing the opportunity to show how much we have to offer in this specialized sector. Adapting to the innovative designs of industrial-style buildings — ranging from large mining facility buildings, to the rapidly expanding Colorado dairies, to public wastewater treatment facilities — has allowed us to expand our professional knowledge and skill-set. The meticulous and precise nature of industrial construction has proven to fit well with our strategy for quality installation.
  • Trapper Mining Maintenance Facility

    Trapper Mining Maintenance Facility

    Contractor: The Neenan Company

    This building encompasses some of the largest mining equipment in the world, including the LeTourneau Wheel Loader. Everything in this facility is built around big pieces of equipment from the trench drain to the fire style water cannons that wash these enormous pieces of equipment. The 22,000 square foot facility is heated utilizing in-slab radiant heat with high efficiency condensing boilers.

  • Hunter Ridge Dairy

    Hunter Ridge Dairy

    Contractor: AgriFab Inc.

    The Hunter Ridge Dairy was the first dairy project that Lind’s Plumbing completed. These types of projects were different from any other job we had completed in the past however we knew the systems they wanted and made it happen. The Hunter Ridge Dairy consisted of radiant in-floor heating in multiple spots along with a 1040 gallon storage tank feed from four 120 gallon pre-heated tanks through another boiler to achieve the needed water capacity and temperature. Also installed were some 12” and 15” Flush Lines that clear the cow lanes after milking with around 6,000 gallons of water per minute. The 15” main Flush Line was connect to the tank located in the picture. Overall this was a very successful project.

  • Denver Metro Wastewater Northern Treatment Plant

    Denver Metro Wastewater Northern Treatment Plant

    Contractor: CH2M HILL and Garney Construction

    A project containing 29 buildings within one site requiring coordination with multiple general contractors and engineers is a challenge we embraced. Both plumbing and hydronic comfort systems are scheduled to be installed in combination with natural gas and multiple types of facility process piping on this 3 yearlong project. A major concern for all projects is the safety of our personnel and those working around installations. Projects of this magnitude require yet closer monitoring of safety procedures / practices. Our field operations manager, site superintendent, foremen, and apprentices collaboratively tackle safety concerns prior to and during each and every task scheduled. Successful completion of a project means not only satisfaction for contractors and ownership but ensuring quality installation with all returning home to their families each day.

  • Odells Brewery Expansion

    Odells Brewery Expansion

    Contractor: Delta Construction

    The Odells Brewery Expansion consisted of new plumbing system for the expanded brew house. The Brew House systems included trench and floor drainage, new hot and cold water for the domestic system along with the process needs, and compressed air piping for their numerous needs. All of this work was completed while the main brewery continued its daily operations.

  • Custom Blending

    Custom Blending

    Contractor: Brinkman Partners

    Continuing to aid growth of local economy and business, we offered our professional skillset to this food services and industrial provider. Ensuring the high standards of cleanliness and quality of this manufacturer required detailed planning and coordination for the various plumbing systems installed. With desire to uphold production commitments to their clients during the transition to new facilities, we worked diligently to ensure a properly working plumbing systems and trustworthy connection to relocated manufacturing equipment & operations.

  • Super Vac

    Super Vac

    Contractor: Heath Construction

    Renovation of an existing 160,000 square foot building to sustain the growth of this local 80+ year old company required reliable installation of our plumbing systems. Ensuring all vehicle wash and other production run-off was directed to proper sand / oil receiving basins was critical. Sizable mains and branch lines were required to provide paint booths and other workstations with a steady volume of gas for production of this manufacturer’s high quality emergency services and industrial products. Ownership also chose to utilize Lind’s expertise in tankless water heating to conserve energy for their truck wash-down stations and domestic bathroom use.

  • Lost Creek Dairy

    Lost Creek Dairy

    Contractor: Agriculture Building Service, LLC

    The Lost Creek Dairy located just outside Roggen, CO, consists of a hundred stall rotary dairy. The rotary allows 100 cows to walk onto a rotating “wheel” milking the cows as the spin around. The mechanical system of this project encompassed five 399,900 BTU Boilers, two for the massive domestic water system and three for the in-floor heating system. Alongside the complex plumbing and mechanical system within the rotary came the site utilities. The site utilities consisted of eight separate wells creating an estimated 500 GPM. This water is being delivered to the 40,000+ gallon storage tank by a booster pump system which is located over 8,000 feet away. Along with the extensive site water, 18” and lower drain piping is being installed for all the required drainage needs for the large dairy. We currently are around 25% complete and working daily to meet the vital schedule.

  • Food Services of America Expansion

    Food Services of America Expansion

    Contractor: Brinkman Partners

    This 86,000 square foot expansion to the existing warehouse consisted of an additional 21 docks, (2) new cooler areas and (1) new freezer. We provided floor drainage system, condensate drain stand pipes for the (8) additional AC units and a trench drain system. The gas piping system was piped to numerous radiant tube heaters located in the docking areas. After moving the client into the new ground up facility we remodeled the existing freezer area into a new cooler area with gas piping to new unit heaters.

  • Johnstown Public Works Facility

    Johnstown Public Works Facility

    Contractor: Heath Construction

    The City of Johnstown Public Works Facility consists of an eight bay maintenance and wash bay area, commercial restrooms, and break room. The bay area’s utilize a trench drain system to capture all run-off water from the vehicles. In the same bay area’s there is a gas fired Hotsy Pressure Washing Unit and compressed air drops for their numerous needs of air. The domestic hot water system is being feed through two high efficient tankless water heaters.

  • South Transit Center

    South Transit Center

    Contractor: Growling Bear Co. (Inc.)

    The City of Fort Collins South Transit Center is the southernmost bus station located on the MAX line. This is the main park and ride and is being built to LEED Gold standards. The Transit center includes a café, weather protective structures and bathrooms. The building is being heated through an in-floor heating system which is being feed by a single high efficiency boiler with VFD driven pumps.

  • Windsor Police Station

    Windsor Police Station

    Contractor: Dohn Construction

    The Windsor Police Facility is a single story building totaling 19,960 square feet. This project is heated and cooled through a two pipe water source heat pump system which is fed from a Geo-thermal field. The two pipe system feeds temped (60 to 90 degree) water through heat pumps which then created the required cooling or temperatures through altering the state of the refrigerate. The domestic hot water system was completed with a 96% efficient water heater which feeds numerous fixtures including the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

  • OtterBox Warehouse

    OtterBox Warehouse

    Contractor: Brinkman Partners

    Advancing expansion of this locally created manufacturing innovator was the objective to meet in providing plumbing installation for this new warehouse. Substantially sized roof drains and piping were required to alleviate water weight contained by the large roof covering this storage and shipping facility.