Mixed-Use / Multi-Family

The Mixed-Use / Multi-Family segment of the construction industry has been a long standing element with which we have experience. Delivering on a vast range of projects from Du / Tri-plex buildings to large scale Apartment Communities numbering 396 units, we are comfortable with any scale of project. Recent years have seen modification to multi-family construction with the addition of Mixed-use projects, the combination of commercial spacing such as restaurants and retail sales on the ground floor with multi-story residential apartments above. Employment of plumbing professionals who embrace the union of residential and commercial disciplines has allowed us to thrive in this growing construction culture.
  • Cortina Lofts

    Cortina Lofts

    Contractor: Sinnett Builders

    Cortina Lofts is a mixed use building with large custom condominiums. The heating and cooling was completed through a four pipe hydronic system. At Cortina Lofts the latest controls, pumps and boilers available on the market were used to create an efficient mechanical system.

  • Arrowhead


    Contractor: Brinkman Partners

    Arrowhead which consisted of 10 customized High End Luxury Condominiums totaling 35,000 square feet. The overall craftsmanship of this project — from the interior finishes to the plumbing fixtures — was exceptional. All of the unit were supplied with a High Efficient Tankless water heater allowing the residences' to have on demand water year round.

  • Highland Park Apartments

    Highland Park Apartments

    Contractor: Drahota

    Highland Park Apartments is a 159,000 square foot four story mixed use developmental infill located in Denver, CO. The residential side houses 126 apartment units with the mixed use side housing the CorePower Yoga's Headquarters. The entire domestic hot water was fed off of a localized hot water plant which is then fed throughout the entire building.

  • CARE Housing at Provincetowne

    CARE Housing at Provincetowne

    Contractor: Drahota

    The Provincetown Apartments consisted of 11 buildings including 6-, 7-, and 8-Plex units, for a total of 85 residential units. The units utilize hydronically fed VAV boxes from tankless water heaters which also act as there domestic water source.

  • Urban Living Lofts

    Urban Living Lofts

    Contractor: Brinkman Partners

    This 4-story, 40,000 square foot mixed use building located in old town FT Collins embodies this college town’s eclectic nature. Provided with 7,000 square feet of covered parking for 18 residential spaces, occupants enjoy downtown living with access to retail spacing and a business center contained within their building. The construction utilized a central boiler to provide heating comfort via radiant floor tubing. Assisting heating demand are high efficiency water heaters localized within the units to provide not only domestic but also hot water to space heating fan-coils. Attention to detail was all-important for furnishing fixtures to individual owners enabled with customizing their new abode.

  • Settlers' Creek Apartments

    Settlers' Creek Apartments

    Contractor: Pioneer Construction, Inc.

    A club house, pool, and vehicle wash bay accompanied the 239 apartment units in 9 buildings filling this residential complex. Conventionally plumbed with standard fixtures and water heaters, units consist of 1 bed / 1 bathroom units through 3 bed / 2 bathroom units.

  • Lofts on College

    Lofts on College

    Contractor: Brinkman Partners

    Adjacent to C.U. on “The Hill” in Boulder, this re-development of a demolished existing building intends to provide off-campus student housing and public retail access. Located on the upper two floors, nearly 13,000 square feet includes 13 student housing units consisting of two to four bedroom units. Also known as The Lofts of College, ground level planning included sanitary plumbing pipe installation for future retail and restaurant tenants. Precise mathematical calculations and forethought were required to connect sanitary and storm systems to Boulder’s main services.

  • Good Samaritan Society – Water Valley Senior Living Resort

    Good Samaritan Society – Water Valley Senior Living Resort

    Contractor: Dohn Construction

    The Good Samaritan complex in Water Valley is one of our larger accomplishments to date. The 252,000 SF assisted living / mixed use facility includes retail conveniences from a beauty salon to a general store for the thriving residents. There are 116 conventionally plumbed residential units. Five buildings comprised of 5 floors each received domestic hot water and the benefit of heating / cooling comfort via a centrally located mechanical plant on the parking garage level. Contained within the 1’ thick concrete walls of this mechanical station, our installation of hydronic system components included numerous modulating boilers, pumps, and tanks to receive thermal expansion. Joining an external chiller, these items feed a 4-pipe hydronic system running throughout the 5 buildings, terminating into individual fan coil boxes within each residential unit. To supply domestic hot water we applied our knowledge of tankless water heating technology to install 10 tankless units for both ease of maintenance and efficiency. These units serve not only the residential needs of the facility but additionally the commercial-grade kitchen on the second level. To complete domestic water demand the complex employed use of several circulation pumps and tri-plex booster system with integrated variable frequency drive pumps.

  • Good Samaritan Society – Bonell Community

    Good Samaritan Society – Bonell Community

    Contractor: Dohn Construction

    Coming soon...

  • Greeley Supportive Housing

    Greeley Supportive Housing

    Contractor: Dohn Construction

    Simple mechanical design supporting the comfort and necessities of residents is the cornerstone of this facility. Perceptive of reduced maintenance and energy use cost benefits that accompany centralized heating plants, owners make use of two efficient water heaters combined with two modulating boilers to provide hot water for domestic and heating supply demand. Assuring the continued health of residents through installation of a trustworthy sanitary plumbing system completed this successful project.

  • Trails at Timberline

    Trails at Timberline

    Contractor: Shaw Construction

    The Trails At Timberline Project is a 314 Unit Apartment Complex located in Fort Collins, CO. This site encompasses (11) Residential Buildings ranging from 12 to 36 units. The complex also has a Club House with a Great Room, Kitchen, Game Room, Bowling Alley, Movie Theater and Fitness Room. Located just outside the Club House is a Pool in which is surrounded by a Custom Trench Drain. All of the these unit are being heated through a water-fed fan coil which is being delivered by the water heater. Currently we are about a quarter off the way through the project.

  • Main Street Health and Rehab Facility

    Main Street Health and Rehab Facility

    Contractor: Drahota

    Main Street Health and Rehab located in Windsor, CO will house thirty full nursing units and sixty assisted living units totaling 65,000 square feet. There are numerous features located throughout this facility including a full commercial kitchen, two dining rooms, beauty salon, therapy, activity and exercise rooms. This building is plumbed with a central domestic water plant that is recirculated throughout the building. The domestic water plant utilizes eight tankless water heaters and two 750 gallon storage tanks to meet the needs of all residents. Each unit has its own ADA accessible fixtures including Water Closet, Shower, Lavatory and some with bar sinks.